True healing is beyond modalities.

Our door is always open.

Healing from the Source

Any well-meaning healing modality--from western medicine to Reiki and everything in-between--has the potential to help us when we're trying to heal an imbalance. Unfortunately, all modalities usually start by making the mistake of analyzing the disease and trying to "figure out what went wrong."

The truth is, this very attention to disease is what perpetuates it. All disease comes from the same cause: We have lost touch with our Divine Source. Only Divine Source Energy can heal both the cause and the manifestation of a problem, whether the issue is apparently minor or apparently serious. 

The Healer Next Door offers a different approach to healing--one that invites you to put down the burden of scrutinizing yourself as if something is wrong with you.

We invite you to "come on over" whenever you're ready. Our door is always open.