What People are Saying about The Healer Next Door

"Mary Ellen recently did a healing for my husband who has been suffering from a painful left hip for several months. She was not informed of the location of the pain, nor was he aware that the healing was going to take place. Two days after the healing he returned from a walk and said, 'The strangest thing--for two days I have had no pain in my hip while walking!'
Intuitive healing is a gift, and Mary Ellen has it!!!"
Concord, MA

"I had such horrible pain in my abdomen. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, and I had been dealing with this pain for two years. Mary Ellen mentioned that she may be able to help me. Today, I live without pain for the first time in over two years. I thank the universe for blessing her with the ability to harness the energy needed to relieve me from my excruciating pain. I don't know how she did it, but I am so thankful!" 
Boston, MA

"Over several years Mary Ellen has performed distance healing work for me on both physical and emotional concerns. Most recently, her healing treatments relieved a shoulder joint constriction that was causing pain over three months. My shoulder now moves again with ease and I'm grateful for her healing help."
Portland, OR

"I was suffering my usual end-of-school year-headaches last April. I was skeptical when Mary Ellen asked if I would like her help. I have been a music educator for many years now, and I always get headaches in April and May when my life at work is particularly stressful, chaotic, and loud. I had been resigned to taking a lot of aspirin. I didn’t think anything could possibly change that. 

I didn't know when she was going to do the healing session, and she told me to just go on with my life. Strangely, one day I did not need aspirin in the morning. I felt energized and pain-free. I then heard from Mary Ellen, letting me know she'd done a healing session for me the night before!!!

And then, the next day, I was pain-free again. Honestly, I was so accustomed to the pain that being without it felt unnatural at first! Each day in May, I continued to expect to be in pain, but I felt no pain at all.

I got through the whole month of May until school was out in June without my usual headaches. It was astonishing, but wonderful!"
Lacrosse, WI