Divine Source Healing Sessions

A Divine Source Healing session may be different than any other type of healing you've experienced. 

The truth is that, ultimately, healing is a mystery. At the Healer Next Door, we don't analyze the mystery. Instead, we embrace it with faith and surrender.

During a session, the healer enters into alignment with the Divine Source on your behalf, and the Divine does the rest. The healer is a conduit for the Divine to do its work, which is bringing you back to your true, perfectly healed self. 

How It Works

There is no need for you to be present during the healing session or even to be aware that the session is taking place. The healer connects with you remotely. You observe how you're doing over the next few days and report back.

Sessions are sold as a package of three. After your first session, you will have two follow-up sessions. The timing of the follow-up sessions is determined based on how you're doing. You may need a follow-up in a few days, in a week, or in a few weeks. Every individual is different.

Note that, should your symptoms lift after just one session, you will still receive two follow-up sessions to support you in maintaining your highest state of wellness.


3-Session Package (one main session and two follow-up sessions): $150.00